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A Letter to the FA

Dear the FA, I recently stumbled across your document, Considerations for Increasing Participation in Women and Girls Football whilst scrolling through my Twitter feed. At a glance, I thought it was a joke. It certainly reads like a joke, so I stand by my first impression. Unfortunately, upon closer investigation […]

Out Of It

Watching my first major tournament from a mind-bending eleven hours ahead of UK time has been fraught with problems. Stay awake until 1am or sleep early. Get up at 4am, or just catch the 7am game. Beer for breakfast or coffee at midnight. Watching the highlights reels online the next […]

An Anglocentric View Of The Euros

We qualified! WE QUALIFIED! We got past the group stages and we don’t have to play Italy or Germany next. Already things are better than 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014! If Hungary beat Portugal, then things will be better than 2004 and 2006 because we won’t have to play them […]

England Expects (Nothing)

It’s been four years since Roy Hodgson announced his first England squad as manager. In football terms, that’s an eternity. When you consider that 58 of the 92 English football league clubs changed manager in the 2015 – 16 season, four years is infinity for a manager. I checked back […]

Guest Post – Tangled up in blue

By Rod de Lisle In motor racing terms the Leicester Premiership win would be like a Ford Mondeo winning the Monaco Grand Prix. Of course company reps car wouldn’t make the starting line, but if they did, there might be the odd 5000/1 punt made, based only on the likelihood […]