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The Carnival is Over

Two days ago the great unwashed throngs on various Leicester City social media sites were in a divided mood over the current City manager and frankly it was becoming tedious. Constant “Puel in!”, “Puel out“ in a boring Facebook hokey-cokey had me on the verge of resigning from certain fan […]

Save Dulwich Hamlet

John’s note: I know this isn’t about NZ Football, but this one matters an awful lot to me. Thanks. Mid-2013 in the early British summer, so not that hot but not too cold either, I caught the P13 bus from Streatham to East Dulwich for the first time. I was […]

I’ve (re)found that lovin’ feeling

Telling people you’re a Nottingham Forest supporter in New Zealand tends to elicit one of the following responses. A blank look and mumbled ‘sorry, never heard of them’ from those who think football begins with Arsenal and ends with Manchester United. A pitying smile and avuncular ‘well, I suppose you’re […]

Start spreading the news

The Empire State Building was a beckoning beacon to me, visible from the bedroom window of the apartment digs we had in New York. Today I was heading there. At the foot of the Empire State Building, just across the road, is a place called “Legends Bar ‘n Grill”. This […]

The price of human flesh

The top 10 transfer fees of 2017 are: Neymar, PSG, €222,000,000 Romelu Lukaku, Manchester United, €85,000,000 Oscar, Shanghai SIPG, €70,000,000 Álvaro Morata, Chelsea, €65,500,000 Benjamin Mendy, Manchester City, 58,100,000 Kyle Walker, Manchester City, 57,000,000 Bernardo Silva, Manchester City, €50,000,000 Tiémoué Bakayoko, Chelsea, €45,000,000 Nemanja Matić, Manchester United €44,700,000 Mohammed Salah, […]

A Letter to the FA

Dear the FA, I recently stumbled across your document, Considerations for Increasing Participation in Women and Girls Football whilst scrolling through my Twitter feed. At a glance, I thought it was a joke. It certainly reads like a joke, so I stand by my first impression. Unfortunately, upon closer investigation […]