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Zaza you wanker

“Kingi you wanker You asshole, I hate you heaps Please die soon, in pain.” – Ricky Baker In the film ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’, Ricky Baker’s social worker encouraged him to work through his emotional issues by writing about his problems in haiku form. Given that I am currently coming […]

I want this one…

My prediction at the start of Euro 2016 was that this was Germany’s tournament to lose – unless they come up against Italy! And whaddaya know… They are coming up against Italy. Whether or not it’s still Gremany’s tournament to lose will be seriously put to the test on Sunday […]

My two countries

New Zealand A 1, USA Under 19 2 North Harbour Stadium, Auckland, June 14 2016 The last time my two counties played on the same day…… Well, it doesn’t bear remembering really… When I heard that the USA Under 19 women’s national team would be touring New Zealand, and that […]

Italy’s Euro 2016

With the Northern Hemisphere football season almost at an end, attention soon shifts from club to country and Euro 2016. I do like it when this happens. I’ve said it before, but my favourite part is the different alliances that form. All the people I’m used to enjoying Roma with […]

Sport and Politics – an Italian art

This is a little bit naughty but, having thoroughly enjoyed John’s wonderfully evocative post on Tuesday looking at the overlaps between sport and politics, I couldn’t resist coming in over the top with a contribution of my own adding something of an historical perspective… I’ve actually been meaning to write […]

Guilty pleasures

Like all football fans, I love a good striker. It’s not fair, of course. They get all the cheers and fan adulation when they score, without the proper appreciation for the team effort that goes into creating goals – but that’s human nature for you. When it comes to Roma, […]

Wakey-wakey Italia

I don’t know why I expected better, but I did. Italy is a wonderful place, and I am usually very defensive of it. Nowhere else can you stand in the exact spot that so many Caesars, Popes, heroes and villains have stood in before you and walk in their footsteps. […]

The Azzurri of the North Shore

East Coast Bays 2, Birkenhead United 1 Bay City Park, Auckland, June 21 2014 Hands up if you’re tired? Everyone, right? Phew. This week I have learned a very sad lesson – I’m not a teenager anymore. Whereas before I could get up at 4am every morning during the World […]