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Chewing on the Hud

So today, in a thoroughly unsurprising development, New Zealand Football announced that Anthony Hudson’s tenure as All Whites coach is over. It was always going to be thus, one feels. He’s an ambitious guy. We were always a stepping stone to something else. And for a man who so carefully […]

The hitchhiker

New Zealand 0, Peru 0 Westpac Stadium, Wellington, November 11 2017 I wish I was an Aztec Or a runner in Peru I would build such beautiful buildings To house the chosen few Like an Inca from Peru From around 10:30am on Wednesday the 11th of October, New Zealand time, […]

Roadie to Russia

It was like this, see. Just an innocent road trip to watch the All Whites smash Peru. Hamilton to Wellington, watch the Intercontinental World cup playoff, have a catch up with old mates in the earthquake prone city and indulge in liquor consumption off the Richter scale. And in a […]

Black Tie. White Noise.

The weekend ended at about half eight on Sunday night, slipping gratefully between the sheets of a freshly made bed back in Auckland. But even though I desperately needed to catch up on the sleep I had missed on Friday and Saturday, I couldn’t seem to drop off. Closing my […]

Guest Post: Strategical Planning

Guest Post By Mandy Artin As a professional strategiser and synergistic executive node for New Zealand Football, I was delighted to be invited to share my view on the upcoming soccer fixtures between New Zealand and the Peruvian football team by ITBOTN. While I have a vast experience in executive […]

Passion & Hostility

I think some of you will have already seen this… Don’t think this Coventry fan was happy with the performance tonight… — Away Days Videos (@AwayDaysVideos) October 17, 2017 Darren Kedzierski did what most football fans wish they could do when their team is playing badly, whether watching a […]

Play-Off, Priced Out

I suppose we were warned. Andy Martin’s comments that failure to qualify would require New Zealand Football to reduce its spending on international friendlies in future did have the faint clang of doom about it. So too did Billy Harris’ column advocating $100 tickets for the New Zealand v Peru […]

Guest Post! *clap clap clap*

By Daphne Lawless New Zealanders, in general, do not seem to “get” active football support as it exists in other countries. Neither the British version (standing and chanting) or the European/South American version (banners, tifos, flares) have historicaly been part of our culture. A Kiwi sports fan is supposed to […]

Tea motherf***er!

I saw this photo on Twitter on Friday and, I gotta say, try as I might I quite simply cannot in good conscience let this one go through to the keeper. Is that tea he’s drinking??? By joves old bean I think it is! The coach of the New Zealand […]