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When Saturday Comes

This is just a very quick blog-brag to alert you to an article that I have had published in the latest issue of the UK football magazine ‘When Saturday Comes’. They got in touch a few weeks ago asking me to send them my take on what World Cup expansion […]

Guest Post – Kone & Commentary

By Gordon Watson Last nights All Whites game in New Caledonia ended in a slightly frustrating draw for Anthony Hudson’s men. Here’s Sky’s match commentator, Gordon Watson, on what he took away from his time in Kone. New Caledonia – Credit where its due, they backed up what they did […]

Guest Post – Hard to Beet

By Cordwainer Bull They served us beetroot for the entree at New Zealand Football’s 125th anniversary dinner. It was one of those pretentious haute cuisine dishes, lovingly titivated with colourful garnishes, and seemingly designed as much for photographing as eating. Not that beetroot was ever going to cut it as […]

Lift Off

  With just under three weeks until the Stirling Sports Premiership kicks off, today saw representatives of the new ten team league converge on Auckland to film their Sky Sports promo video and meet the media as part of New Zealand Football’s official launch. It’s a busy week for NZF, with […]

Guest Post – #playitforsteve

By Josh Easby Put together a highlights reel of Steve Sumner’s career and it’s hard to know how you would choose any of his achievements as his greatest. The inspirational skipper of the 1982 All Whites, Sumner has pretty much achieved everything the game in New Zealand can offer. At […]

Review: Fully Committed

Joey Barton’s scathing assessment of the footballer biography production line, “England did nothing in that World Cup, so why were they bringing books out? ‘We got beat in the quarter-finals. I played like shit. Here’s my book.’ Who wants to read that?” may probably be the most accurate thing he’s ever […]