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Guest Post – Do you hear the people sing?

[Exactly a fortnight ago on this bandwidth I made the case for a 10,000-12,000 seat stadium in Petone. Today, in the interests of a balanced debate, Zio Steve,’s Phoenix season ticket holder in residence, presents the other side of the argument.] By Steven Hill There is a symbiotic relationship between […]

Bread and circuses

You can see why the Coliseum wasn’t built in New Zealand. Aside from the obvious fact that the closest things to people living here in 70AD were flightless birds, can you imagine the fuss? There would have been neighbourhood meetings stacked with angry local NIMBYs, councils telling central government to […]

The fortress of Eden

Wellington Phoenix 2, Adelaide United 1 Eden Park, Auckland, February 1 2014 18,056. Not too shabby, Auckland! It sure is great to be able to put one over those whiny Wellingtonians who are always carping on about how we can’t get a decent football crowd in the City of Sails. […]

Guest Post – Filling up the tin

By Steven Hill Last Saturday I went to the Phoenix game early so I could watch Team Wellington play the Wanderers in the ASB Premiership. It was a good game. The young Wanderers competed well against their unrestricted-age opponents. It convinced me that it’s a good concept and a good […]


Auckland City 1, Wellington Phoenix 0 Kiwitea Street, Auckland, September 28 2013 Oh dear, we’ll never hear the bloody end of this… Auckland City FC’s fan base contains a section of folks who are absolutely convinced that their team is better than the Phoenix, belongs in the A League, and […]

Herbert out

It has appeared for quite some time that 2012/13 would be characterised forever in my mind as the season of teams I support showing no patience with their coaches, much to my dismay, but this one really takes the cake. New Zealand football has so much to thank Ricki Herbert […]

Brockie road

Wellington Phoenix 1, Perth Glory 0 Eden Park, Auckland, February 2 2013 “WE’RE HERE TO WATCH THE FOOTBALL! WE’RE HERE TO WATCH THE FOOTBALL!” Now THERE’S a Yellow Fever chant I can write about in glowing terms. It came as a bunch of noob Aucklanders tried to start a Mexican […]

Who are we?

“WHO ARE YA? WHO ARE YA? WHO ARE YA?” Such is the chorus of the Wellington Phoenix ultras group ‘Yellow Fever’ when anyone takes a corner kick from their wedge of Westpac Stadium. Before Alessandro Del Piero’s A-League debut, I advised them via Twitter that repeating this tradition to him […]


Team Wellington 0, Canterbury United 1 Wellington Phoenix 0, Central Coast Mariners 1 Westpac Stadium, Wellington, November 11 2012 Luckily I didn’t fly all the way down to Wellington solely for these two football games. I came for a work trip that happily coincided with last weekend’s big Wellington double […]