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Together Everyone Achieves More

I often think it’s odd when spectators and fans say they are ‘part of the team’ in relation to sports.  Fans don’t train, they don’t play, and they don’t coach or provide medical or managerial assistance.  Fans show up once a week to watch the team and provide support.  The […]

A day in the mud

I didn’t really have any affiliation to a club as a kid.  Definitely not of the round ball variety.  So I wasn’t exposed to the excitement and joy that is a junior football tournament. This weekend I had the pleasure of volunteering at the Douglas Villa Junior Tournament.  I have […]

Virgin Half Ironman

So I finally did it.  I entered in the Taupo Half Ironman.  I have little over three months to prepare myself physically and mentally.  I’m excited for the challenge. I didn’t just wake up today and decide I was going to enter.  A guy from work competed last year and […]

Football Life

Full disclosure: I’m about to bring the mood down.  Please know that I’m not writing this for any other reason than that I want to get out what’s inside.  I wasn’t even going to post it, but then thought to myself “why waste a piece of writing”. Anyone who knows […]


I braved the Wellington wind this weekend and watched four(ish) Chatham Cup games around the traps.  Amazing or tragic?  You decide. I was so busy tweeting (badly) that I didn’t get to make too many notes so these reports are pretty much just slight expansions on my tweets. I drove […]

Language barrier

I’m upset that my first post on here is a bit of a whinge but I’m sick of going along to watch the ASB Premiership and hearing nothing but swearing from the players.  Swearing at officials, at the opposition, at their own team and on odd occasion at the fans […]