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Rod de Lisle

Waikato based Kiwi living the good life that this wonderful country affords. I like to paint, travel, follow sport and do stuff with our large family. Writing song lyrics is a creative release that came about after (somehow) dreaming a complete song. Not being a muso has lead me to seek out creative musicians who might enjoy linking music to my words. Is that you?

Keep Calm and just play football

Can I just take a moment for to ask, no not ask, to strongly suggest two things?  Football players. Calm down and play football  Referees. Ref properly and if players don’t calm down, book or red them.  Many years ago (1982 I think) I, along with the Unicol team enjoyed the […]

The day NZ football (almost) died

The untimely demise of NZ football in the 1970’s was predicted but what happened? (This is part of an article I did for a Wanderers ISPS Handa Premiership programme recently. I was was spurred to blog post it here after reading the recent ITBOTN article penned by Dave Newdick referring […]

December December Super Special

Wanderers v Auckland City/ Phoenix Reserves. 2nd and 9th Dec 2018  This report is actually for not one, but two matches in the ISPS Handa Premiership. A real bargain some might say. It’s like a 70’s double album, (let’s say…Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti) complete with gate-fold cover, clever artwork, great songs […]

The Carnival is Over

Two days ago the great unwashed throngs on various Leicester City social media sites were in a divided mood over the current City manager and frankly it was becoming tedious. Constant “Puel in!”, “Puel out“ in a boring Facebook hokey-cokey had me on the verge of resigning from certain fan […]

Never a Shaw thing.

Deryck Shaw today announced that he was resigning from the position of President of New Zealand Football (NZF) and as a member of NZF Executive Committee (ExCo).  Now firstly I must acknowledge that Shaw is a personal friend. I don’t have a lot to do with Deryck but have known […]

From Gumboots to Glitz.

Life has a habit of speeding past, much more quickly than we think. So, after many years shooing each of our five kids off to school, this is the year when the youngest, Jason, my 17 old stepson will finish high school education,  thus bringing down the curtain on my […]

The fabulous Baby Blues

I was chatting with Steve Built at the pub. “Twenty two points at least, for safety” he said. Twenty two points, what? “That will keep a team in the Northern Premiership.”he said. It may have escaped the notice of many football fans, certainly the mainstream media have studiously ignored it, […]

Six of the best

My mate Kevin Kevan is a bit of a rough diamond. But very knowledgeable about the beautiful game and a veritable mine of anecdotal football stories. He has given me permission to reprint an article he did for the Wanderers programme recently. Kev says he is only quoting what he […]