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John Palethorpe

John Palethorpe lives in South Auckland which is very far away from Fratton Park and Champion Hill. Having been told there was no football in New Zealand, he was delighted to find that there is.


I’ve been thinking about the standard of New Zealand football recently. The acquisition of Guernsey goal-machine Ross Allen and his respectable 4 goals in 5 games got me thinking about where, comparatively, the A-League and the NZFC sit compared to the previous leagues of football I’ve seen. Being realistic, the […]

The Hudson Legacy

When Anthony Hudson departed as the All Whites head coach last year, headed for Colorado and the MLS, much was made over the improvements he had introduced as the senior man in NZ Football. Video analysts, sports scientists and enhanced medical staff were three of the things cited as Hudson successes, […]


Writers note: A little while ago Cordwainer Bull noted that anyone with an interest in football in New Zealand would inevitably be conscripted into voluntary roles with clubs. There’s a reason he’s one of the most insightful writers about the game we’ve got, and it sprang to mind as we […]

Black Tie. White Noise.

The weekend ended at about half eight on Sunday night, slipping gratefully between the sheets of a freshly made bed back in Auckland. But even though I desperately needed to catch up on the sleep I had missed on Friday and Saturday, I couldn’t seem to drop off. Closing my […]

Guest Post: Strategical Planning

Guest Post By Mandy Artin As a professional strategiser and synergistic executive node for New Zealand Football, I was delighted to be invited to share my view on the upcoming soccer fixtures between New Zealand and the Peruvian football team by ITBOTN. While I have a vast experience in executive […]

The Super City Meh-by

This years first Super City Derby saw something of an inversion of last season’s blockbusting meltdown at the Trusts Arena. There’s been some, apparently minor, changes to both teams since the end of the 2016/17 season and yet both teams appeared not be to be chasing shadows, as chasing shadows […]

The Two Minute Ripoff

Remember Khair Jones absolutely blootering in a goal for Hawkes Bay United against WaiBOP a couple of years back? Here it is. Or how about Paul Ifill’s first goal in nearly three years? There you go. Maybe that utterly bonkers 6 – 6 semi-final between Team Wellington and Waitakere United? […]

Passion & Hostility

I think some of you will have already seen this… Don’t think this Coventry fan was happy with the performance tonight… — Away Days Videos (@AwayDaysVideos) October 17, 2017 Darren Kedzierski did what most football fans wish they could do when their team is playing badly, whether watching a […]

Play-Off, Priced Out

I suppose we were warned. Andy Martin’s comments that failure to qualify would require New Zealand Football to reduce its spending on international friendlies in future did have the faint clang of doom about it. So too did Billy Harris’ column advocating $100 tickets for the New Zealand v Peru […]

El Mundial

It’s a cry that’s been heard around the world this past week, ‘El mundial, el mundial, el mundial’ or the local language’s equivalent to it. Costa Rica qualified in the 94th minute of their game after equalising against Honduras, reducing one Honduran to furiously punching the dugout at the points […]