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A Fond Farewell

It’s been a while since my last post, and even longer since I’ve been to a live game of football.

2019 is proving to be an interesting year, in the mannger of the ancient Chinese curse.

Football is a beautiful game, and one which is well worth your time and effort – especially in Aotearoa, where it doesn’t quite have the status it has elsewhere in the world.

Having spent the last few years covering games, riding my own personal hobby horse around and bemoaning the continuing state of the administration of the game – I’ve reached a point where it’s time to stop and find something else to do with my increasingly encroached upon free time.

I’d like to thank Enzo for offering me a space on ITBOTN and the rest of the writers here for providing such great content and perspectives on the game. It has been a pleasure.

See you on a sideline somewhere.

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John Palethorpe

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