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The ten most read ITBOTN posts of 2018

My absolute photographic highlight of the year!

I would have come up with a more imaginative title than that but what can I tell you, I’m on holiday and I can’t be arsed!

I’m also feeling slightly shell shocked that out of the ten posts you clicked on the most this year, I only wrote three of them! Clearly I need to up my game. Or start selecting kittens as feature images.

On the flip side however, I did have the honour of writing the most read post of the year, so technically I am still the king!

Well, that’s what I’ll be telling people.

But enough salt! You want me to get on and count these down don’t you? Actually I’m guessing you really don’t care either way but there is no local football on for a couple of weeks and we need filler so here goes anyway…

Drumroll please!

10. The Making of the History Makers

One of my personal favourite posts of the year was Helena’s magnificent in-depth look at how little old New Zealand ended up with a football team in the semi-finals of a FIFA World Cup. Edged one of my posts out of the top 10 by just two measly page views but that’s ok…

Embed from Getty Images

9. Withdrawal symptoms

One reason I could live with the above is because reading my attempt at an in-depth look at a different issue in the women’s game, a number of clubs withdrawing from the NRFL, it really pales in comparison and doesn’t deserve to rank higher! It’s still a useful document of a significant problem though.

8. Get a grip

A classic Enzo rant about sideline etiquette, in response to a couple of violent incidents that got the NRFL into the news for all the wrong reasons.

7. Craigo

Every year at least one quality guest post makes the cut, and this year is no exception. Two of my favourite football people, Warkworth AFC legends Rob Carty and Simon Borich, pay tribute to one of the game’s great characters who sadly passed away in 2018.

6. Football Ferns: A re-view

Another personal favourite and a lot of other people’s too! Ella’s look at the immediate fallout from the Football Ferns’ debacle in Wellington changed the the national discourse to at least some extent and earned her a writing gig with the Guardian!

Photo by Cameron McIntosh (Photomac)

5. National Women’s League – The Big Preview

Ella, Helena and my season preview was one of so many churned out by mainstream and alternative media outlets alike to celebrate the inaugural double round National Women’s League. But ours stood out from the crowd as the only one that compared each team to Sub-Saharan animals.

4. Rainbow Fever

John surged a second runner into the top four this year with a late entry tackling the important issue of homophobia in football. This post really resonated with a lot of people and the story was subsequently picked up by the mainstream media. Another example of ITBOTN shaping the debate and leading public opinion in our game!

3. The Hudson Legacy

Another popular post by John, summarising the tenure of controversial All Whites coach Anthony Hudson following his departure to the Colorado Rapids.

Photo by Cameron McIntosh (Photomac)

2. An Open Letter to the Young Football Ferns

More great work from Helena, compiling tributes to our incredible world beating under 17 women’s national team from right across the football community.

Embed from Getty Images

1. Still got that feeling?

And our most viewed post of 2018, by quite a wee distance I feel compelled to point out! Was my trip to Cambridge to watch Waiheke face my old mates from John Kerkhof Park in the Chatham Cup. The match itself was a little overshadowed, sadly, by the absence of La Banda del Pipazo and the underlying reasons behind it…

All told, the most pleasing thing about the above is that five out of ten of our most popular posts were about the women’s game. 50%! That’s called equality folks.

It’s also interesting to note that what has traditionally been my personal bread and butter – going to games, posting 18 photos and talking rubbish about the whole experience – only features in one of the above posts, albeit numero uno.

ITBOTN continues to evolve, become less about me and more about a range of voices from the football community and jokes aside this pleases me.

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