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Los Blazeros blown away by Zazaspor

Los Blazeros – 0, Zazaspor – 7
Te Whaea Artificial Turf, Wellington, May 20 2018


Zazaspor is relishing another Wellington Sunday Football League Division Two victory after Los Blazeros became the team’s latest victim in a 7-0 win at Te Whaea in Newtown.

With a strong breeze at their backs during the first half, Zazaspor’s strikers regularly broke away from the Blazeros defensive line. The first goal came after 12 minutes, with one of several corner kicks resulting in a penalty when a Los Blazeros player inexplicably caught a ball that rebounded off the far post in his arms. The penalty was put away into the lower left corner by Sham Suarez for a 1-0 lead.

Zazaspor forward Joseph Jamal repeatedly found space thanks to precision through balls from the midfield. He scored 20 minutes in after right midfielder Warwick Esler set him up to knock the ball into an open goal by breaking down the side-line and drawing Blazeros keeper Matthew Bentley off his line.

Midfielders Suarez and Daniel Toma were responsible for many through passes and powerful midfield play. Toma showed his range by floating a long shot from the centre circle into the top right corner for 3-0 with the wind at his back and the keeper pressing up.

The speedy Muhand Towbiya added another goal at the 25-minute-mark, finding unmarked space near the penalty spot to take his choice of shots. Esler then pounced on a deflection off the keeper to score Zazaspor’s fourth goal in seven minutes and take the score to 5-0.

Several more shots were saved by Blazeros’ keeper Matthew Bentley before the team managed to retain possession and work the ball up-field for a sustained assault in the last ten minutes, including three shots that required the keeper’s attention to save.

This continued into the second half as Blazeros’ players attempted to take advantage of the tailwind, but their passes overshot the mark and they could not control the through ball.

Zazaspor countered, switching its strategy to a press defense. With Toma dropping back, Zazaspor was largely content to defend, resulting in something of a stalemate until Albron Younadim came out of nowhere to bring the score to 6-0 with a powerful shot from outside the penalty area.

To their credit, the Blazeros players largely contained Muhand Towbiya, currently Zazaspor’s top-scorer with an astounding 26 goals to his name this season. Towbiya only added one to his tally in the match, although he required three defenders to shut him down on many occasions. The final strike came from Jamal at 75 minutes, bringing the scoreline to its 7-0 conclusion.

“I didn’t want to come off until I had my second goal”, Jamal joked. “In the first half, they really battled against the wind. If you just touched the ball, it would take off.”

Zazaspor defender Martin Oraha agreed, saying his team’s decision to press had shut down the through ball option for Blazeros in the second half. The 7-0 victory was slightly below par for Zazaspor, which is making a strong case for promotion with five straight wins and a whopping 53 goals in just seven games.

Matthew Bentley said the match had been a tough test for Blazeros, which is part of the Sunday Blazers club that also has teams in Division One and Division Four.

“It was tough out there, but I’m not too low. At the moment, we’re just trying to form a solid base to work from and get the team playing well together.”

In other Division Two action, V-Well maintained the top spot with a 2-1 victory over Valley FC Trust and Marauders FC moved into third spot, behind second placed Zazaspor, with a 4-2 win over Four Four Two.

In Division One, Sunday Blazers maintained second place, beating Lazy 11 2-1, while league leaders Sudakas FC beat Levuka FC 3-0. Lokomotiv Beer Quarter started their season’s comeback, beating HHH United 8-2, while North Wellington could not overcome Tuskan Raiders in a match which ended 2-0 to the Raiders.

Battlers FC kept top spot in Division Three, winning 7-0 win over Terrace-Nadi, while Shamrocks held Ball Tamperers to a 3-3 draw at a late match on the windswept Te Whaea pitch.

A record 37 teams are competing in this year’s Wellington Sunday Football League, a community based 11-a-side league that was founded over 40 years ago and is growing year-on-year. A full table of results and fixtures can be found at

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