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Harimau Wellington win five straight games

Harimau Wellington – 6, Wellington Chinese United – 2
Boyd Wilson Field, Wellington, May 6 2018

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Harimau Wellington secured their fifth straight win in the Wellington Sunday Football League’s Fourth Division yesterday with a 6-2 victory at their home ground Boyd Wilson Field over Wellington Chinese United.

The game began with each team testing the skills of the other. WCU used the aerial ball to launch threatening attacks early on but these were defused by Harimau’s quick defenders.

After 10 minutes of play, a controversial goal was awarded to Harimau’s Jepah Naziran, who struck a fantastic floating corner from the left. The kick lofted over the keeper, and the ball was deemed to cross the line marginally before the defenders cleared it.

Harimau largely attacked on the cluttered right wing, leaving clear space on the left. These attacks paid off early in the half, with right winger Hakim Ahmed beating three defenders to lift the score to 2-0 with a shot from inside the penalty box.

WCU continued to attack, clawing back some ground to break Harimau’s four-match-long clean sheet thanks to the speedy He Huang, who capitalised on a deflected ball near the centre circle for a runaway goal. Huang nearly equalised minutes later, but he was called offside and his goal disallowed, making the half time score 2-1 to Harimau.

The second half began with more threatening plays down the right wing from Ahmed. WCU’s defenders saved a sequence of quick shots from inside the penalty box, but sorely missed first-choice keeper Jerry Chen when Azri Farid of Harimau struck a free kick over the wall to find the back of the net.

After this, the floodgates opened and goals were scored by Muqri Hashim and Shamil Zaki, while Farid bagged a second goal from a free kick near the box.

A comeback was out of the question for WCU at 6-1, but the spirited Brian Wang did manage to reduce the deficit, lofting an unsavable shot over the Harimau keeper to bring the game to its final score of 6-2.

“It was a great game”, Farid said. “Every one of our players gave it their full commitment and full energy. I really enjoyed it.”

WCU manager Benny Cai said he respected the talented players on the opposition but disputed the ball had crossed the line for the first goal, which his team argued was too close to be called and had changed the course of the match.

“The first goal changed everything. It really put us on the back foot for the rest of the match.”

Harimau’s win saw the team maintain its position at the top of the Division Four table, with Expected Tolouse close behind. WCU dropped two positions to fifth on the table.

In Division One, Sudakas FC continued a strong run of form, beating Lazy 11 four goals to one. North Wellington were too strong for Lokomotiv Beer Quarter, edging them out 2-3, while the match between Levuka FC and Tuskan Raiders was postponed.

Division Two saw Zazaspor continue an astounding run of high scoring matches, beating Fireraiders 7-2. V-Well FC maintained its position at the top of the table with a 5-2 win over Universe, and Valley FC Trust beat Los Blazeros 4-0.

Division Three saw Valley Soccer Friends go down 6-0 to division leaders Ball Tamperers, while Battlers FC and Westwood United also played strong games to maintain their positions at the top of the ladder.

A record 37 teams are currently competing in Wellington’s Sunday Football League, a community based 11-a-side league founded over 40 years ago. A full table of results and fixtures can be found at

Next weekend’s action (May 13)
Next weekend’s Division One action will see Sudakas FC look to continue its strong run of form in a match against Lokomotiv Beer Quarter.

Universe may be dreading their encounter with Zazaspor in Division Two thanks to the intimidating scorelines the team has achieved, while V-Well are expected to maintain top position against Los Blazeros. The match to watch may be a clash between third-placed Valley FC Trust and Four Four Two who have a chance to move up the table.

The match between Westwood United and Battlers FC in Division Three promises to be an epic struggle, and Sharks FC will be looking to up their game against Ball Tamperers after a 6-2 loss to Westwood.

In Division Four, Trentham United will look to keep SVH out of the top three while Harimau and Expected Tolouse will be expected to maintain their top positions when they play against Sunday Cardigans and The Dave Bakers, respectively.

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