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Promising young footballer passes away

At 4.15pm this Saturday the New Zealand football team kick off their hugely important FIFA World Cup qualifier against Peru. Every kiwi football fan will be totally focused on this game. Some of us will be there. Others will be watching on telly.

Can I ask a special favour please? As the game starts, please take a moment to think of young Jordan Dolbear.

This is a postscript on this story I wrote last year about a promising young player who was battling cancer. Sadly this week he passed away.

In my post I wrote of Auckland lad, Jordan, who had been diagnosed, at only age 24, with a malignant brain tumour. I said “An ex-Central player, Jordan has been a keen footballer all his life and toyed with the idea of trying an overseas career.  He even toured Croatia and Japan with the Wynrs academy.”

Gutting. My ex-wife attended his birth not so many years ago and we watched him grow up into a fine young man. He wanted to be a pro-footballer. For a while it seemed on the cards. But sometimes on life the cards fall the wrong way, and in his case, tragically so.

Also from my article. “He speaks well for a young fella despite telling me “I’m a bit spaced out on morphine”. He expressed a desire to keep playing football despite a steel rod in his leg from a 2014 injury.  “I played some football again this year for Papakura in the AFL… trying to get back into it. Now this”

Jordan we will not forget you. The Allwhites have a huge match this week. Who knows, if the universe had shifted slightly on its axis, you may have been out there playing for your country. You may have been simply watching the game on telly but you would have been involved.

I also wrote that football isn’t and can’t be the MOST important thing in life for 99% of us. I stand by that. Family, career and health are usually ahead of the round ball game.

I hope anyone reading this might take a moment, maybe just before kick off on Saturday, to reflect on the life of Jordan, a kiwi football player that you probably have never met. But like you, a lover of the beautiful game.


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Rod de Lisle

Waikato based Kiwi living the good life that this wonderful country affords. I like to paint, travel, follow sport and do stuff with our large family. Writing song lyrics is a creative release that came about after (somehow) dreaming a complete song. Not being a muso has lead me to seek out creative musicians who might enjoy linking music to my words. Is that you?

2 replies

  1. Hey Rod – I for one will be in that crowd tomorrow with other fanatic’s from Old Eltham Town footy club in Taranaki. Agree entirely with your perspective and priorities in life and take it as a priviledge to be able to salute the career of another footballer with some thoughts in silence.
    RIP Jordan.

  2. Hi Rod,

    It’ll be 2.15pm over here in Sydney but will mark it with a moments silence for Jordan – RIP.

    Hopefully the Socceroos will have acquitted themselves well against Honduras earlier in the day and the All Whites give it to Peru.

    Cheers cuz


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