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As you will know, assuming you’ve been paying close attention, in the back of the net has recently had a rebrand courtesy of the amazing work of football graphic designer Sam Jenkins.

As part of his concept plan Sam also designed us custom football shirts, the designs for which you can see by clicking through to the above link and scrolling through the presentation.

Thinking these were super classy, I approached our friends at Lotto to enquire how much it might cost us to get them made. To my enormous surprise and gratitude they immediately offered to kit out our entire writing team free of charge!

They were ready last week, and as the courier bags arrived at our doors it was really amazing to see how excited everyone was to get them on.

Ella having just signed a new three year deal!

It was such a touching gesture from Lotto. The least I can do to show my thanks is to say again what I’ve said before – if you are looking for a kit supplier for your team, you should look no further than Lotto. They are magnificent supporters of the game, not just for ITBOTN but for their sponsorship of the NRFL as well. Wherever possible it’s great to spend money with those who give back.

Lotto is an Italian brand too! You can’t go wrong.

And now that that advertorial is over, it’s time for another. A couple of people have asked if they can buy the kits. That’s probably a bit impractical to organise at the moment and would almost certainly require a financial risk for me. So the short answer is no. What you can do though is visit our merchandise store!

I have updated it this evening with our new branding. All the designs that Sam suggested in his concept plan are there in both men’s and women’s fits. I have also left the old boot designs in place for those who yearn for the good old days when we were so much cooler before we got famous and went all commercial…

Ok, so we were never cool, but still…

We make a small profit off any sale made through PrintPoppa. All proceeds are reinvested back into the site which I alone bear the financial burden of.

2-3 sales means I can renew the domain mapping for another year.

Another 3-4 would pay to continue keeping the site free of ugly ads for goodness knows what.

Another 4 after that and I can renew the custom design that makes the place look so puuuuurrty.

Another 8 after that and we can renew the 35GB worth of space upgrades that allow me to post so many large high resolution photos that I know you love so much – because there are heaps of them floating around the net as Twitter and Facebook avatars.

We are currently at 71% of our available storage so I am going to have to start paying for more space soon as well.

Get in amongst it! Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Enzo Giordani

A grassroots sports photography enthusiast based in Auckland, New Zealand, and a fan of the most magnificent football club on earth - A.S. Roma.

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