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The sharp eyed amongst you will have probably noticed by now that there has been a small adjustment to the decor around here. I usually roll out aesthetic changes to the site on New Year’s Day each year, but this one was a bit too exciting to sit on for another six and a half months.

A few weeks ago I approached Sam Jenkins from Designer Football (and My FC) to see if he would be interested in having a go at tidying up our ‘boot’ logo – that I loved but thought with a bit of professional tweaking it could look a bit less like I slapped it together with clipart (which I did).

Like any good designer, Sam took my request for tweaking and completely went to town! What he came back with looks less like a rebranding proposal than it does a blueprint for world domination…

Just to be clear, we have no immediate plans to get the billboards made.

Those sexy football shirts are a different matter though!! Thanks to some amazing generosity from Lotto, they are in production as we speak as a special thank you to the writers and contributors of this blog.

There will no doubt be a period of mourning for the ‘boot’ – I know I had to take a little time to get used to the idea of retiring it – but it will live on in the merchandise store so if you really miss it you can always spend some money there and keep it with you forever – or at least until your t-shirt falls apart.

But out with the old and in with the new!

Huge thanks to Sam for all his time and creative juices – his contact details are at the end of the above presentation if you have any work to throw his way. And thanks also to Ryan Dawkins and Lotto for all their support – If you are looking for a kit supplier for your team you should look no further.

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Enzo Giordani

An action photography enthusiast based in Auckland, New Zealand. I focus on sport, birds or cats depending on what stage of the apocalypse we're currently experiencing.

3 replies

  1. Your logo was much better than Sam’s. (With all my respect to both designers)
    Yours was new, original and genius. And this one… It’s way too simple, boring and looks like many others, for sure.

  2. Nice one and does a great job. It’s a proper logo, works big, works small, works in black and white, you can tell what it is from a good distance away, you can tell what it’s about without the words, and the blue ball panel outlines do actually echo the word ‘net’ as well as being part of the ball (obvs.).. kudos to Sam and props to you for making the leap.

  3. Thanks guys! My own view is the old logo was a pretty cool amateur gimmick whereas the new one is more of a professional ‘brand’ that works better across a number of applications from social media through to the football shirts. Not everyone ‘got’ the old one too. I was sometimes asked “why is the map upside down?” and someone once remarked that it made them feel queasy because it looked like a broken leg! Can’t please everyone, I guess is the moral of the story.

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