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At the risk of turning into one of THOSE bloggers that I don’t really want to be…

I have been leaked two e-mails that appear to clearly inform Three Kings United that two of their players were incorrectly registered, and how this came to be the case, some five months before the start of last season. It was during 2015 that they were docked points for playing one of the mentioned individuals – Tom Konusi. The consequence of the points deduction was relegation from the Northern Premier League. Following appeals and mediation, it was eventually decided to allow the club to stay in the top flight.

I don’t know what their appeal grounds were, or if there is a good explanation for why this communication only tells part of the story, however it would appear on the surface as though they have been treated rather mercifully…

I thought long and hard about whether or not to post this but in the end I have decided to do it, not to vilify Three Kings, but rather because it might have interesting implications for the Mangere United situation. Both clubs seem to be guilty of some administrative sloppiness. Will they both ultimately receive the same lenience?

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