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I braved the Wellington wind this weekend and watched four(ish) Chatham Cup games around the traps.  Amazing or tragic?  You decide.

I was so busy tweeting (badly) that I didn’t get to make too many notes so these reports are pretty much just slight expansions on my tweets.

I drove for 99 minutes through the day (including to get home afterwards), which was about the same length of time the Tawa v Petone game went for at Redwood Park.

Tawa spent the first part of the game in the attacking half but didn’t really look like scoring.  Petone had a few good chances later in the half.

Donuts at half time (I mean the score though I would have been grateful for real warm, sugary donuts).

Keeping more than half an eye on Twitter I was disheartened by the number of goals being tweeted by other correspondents around Wellington.  Not only was I freezing my butt off, I had no goals to show for it.  Admittedly, I would secretly have been okay with seeing bonus football if we’d gone to extra time.

Tawa came to the rescue with about 5 minutes(ish) of regular time left.  Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you who scored it sorry!  Supporters were none too pleased when the referee announced 7 minutes of extra time, but the Tawa lads held on to the win and the first cupset of the day.

Full Time – Tawa 1 (Mohammed Hekmatzadah) – Petone 0

A mad dash and a few wrong turns later and I was at Alex Moore Park in Johnsonville to catch the second half of North Wellington v Seatoun.  It seemed a lot more even than the scoreline suggested prior to my arrival.  I got the feeling North Wellington may have eased off a bit.  Don’t quote me on that, I wasn’t paying super close attention (it wasn’t one of my “assigned” games)

Full Time – North Wellington 7 (Karl Romijn, Corey Larsen, Simon Fejos 2, J Rayner, Shanei Watanabe 2) Seatoun 0

A more relaxed drive to Wakefield Park for the simultaneous Olympic v Mirimar and Island Bay v Stop Out matches.  I say relaxed drive, but will freely admit that trying to find a park was insanely hard – it took until my 5th drive by before I found one.  Lucky for me Boxey had purchased souvlaki for me. *insert raving review of souvlaki here*

I was on tweet duty for the Island Bay v Stop Out match.

The first 15 minutes were all Stop Out with a shot rattling the crossbar in the first minutes.  That was followed by an actual goal at the 5 minute mark.  The score remained 0-1 in favour of Stop Out at the half.

Into the second half, Island Bay’s Hickson-Rowden equalised with a header. 1-1.

15 minutes later super sub Hilbron scored for Island Bay to give them the lead 2-1.

7 minutes from full time Stop Out’s Abba took out the keeper, saw his 2nd yellow and then red. In what looked like a show of defiance, or perhaps preparation for his early shower, Abba removed his shirt while still in the middle.  Must admit, I was totally okay with it.

What I wasn’t okay with was the language form the players.  One instance late in the second half saw an outstanding tackle from an Island Bay player, Stop Out’s Marten’s was apparently not impressed and yelled a massive “Fuck off” to the referee.  I have zero time for that, but the referee did nothing.  Nothing at all.

Full Time – Island Bay United 2 (Caleb Hilbron, Bryn Hickson-Rowden) Stop Out 1

Island Bay continue through to round two with a 2-1 win. My second cupset of the day.

It appears I am the lucky charm of the under dog.

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  1. This is why Dunedin needs more football under lights. All the games at the same time. It’s a gosh darn disgrace.

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