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Throwback Thursday: When We Were Kingz

Diligent work by TBdFSOE over at the Yellow Fever forums have seen two of the promo videos for the Football Kingz emerge. He’ll be updating this Youtube Channel with videos of the first, ill-fated, NSL Auckland team.

Ah, the turn of the century – what a different time.

Here’s Julio Cuello, who made 9 whole appearances, starring in these two adverts.  First, he does a wonderful job claiming the ball there in difficult conditions. Shame about the pet.

And then he completely misses the ball. Unforgivable from a keeper. Great distribution though.

And finally, here’s the Kingz promo from 2001.

The drum and bass, the trackies, the hairstyles – look at it, it’s almost too beautiful for words. I’m not saying it’s better than Brazil’s 1998 Nike advert, but it’s certainly on a par with it. Pure genius.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 12.56.43 pm

Special mention to Mr Vicelich, who hadn’t yet discovered alice bands but had recognised the awesome power of sideburns. All power to you, Ivan.

Who knows, maybe in fifteen years time we’ll look back at last season’s ASB Premiership promo shoot with the same nostalgia.

And who knows, Ivan might even be in that one too!

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 1.39.20 pm

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