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Two hours in the life of my Twitter feed

We all know the cliché, a two goal cushion is the most dangerous lead in football, and boy was it true today. Roma and Bayer Leverkusen both managed to blow two goal leads – each in the same game – resulting in a soul destroying 4-4 draw. Personally, I hate it when German and Italian clubs play each other. It makes for such boring defensive football… Not!

I haven’t seen the game yet – I couldn’t watch it live thanks to pesky work getting in the way. It wasn’t on TV anyway, and that’s a whole other rant… I’ll just have to download it and once again question why I bother with the dinosaur that is Sky TV…

Instead, I followed it on Twitter which is a unique experience in itself as anyone who has ever done it will attest.

If you have a Twitter account you’ll know that nothing is ever moderate there. Things are either bloody awesome or slash your wrists terrible. There’s no in between. So when a game seesaws from one way to the next, it really brings out the inconsistency in people! And this game was a classic example of that.

I thought I’d illustrate this for you by sharing the highlights of my Twitter feed this morning – the basic summary of which is ‘Roma sucks!! I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it, Roma is wonderful!!! Oh wait, yes I did, Roma REALLY REALLY SUCKS!!!!’

We pick up the action with Roma 2-0 down after 19 minutes…

Then Daniele De Rossi scores two goals in quick succession…

But then Pjanic gives us the lead…


Nek minnit 4-3…

Then 4-4…

I’m not trying to make fun of anyone here. I’m simply pointing out the humour in the situation as a whole and the life of a Roma fan in general. This sums the whole thing up beautifully really:

And finally, this is the photo everyone is now sharing…


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