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Ten things I love about Flo


If you’re a football fan and you don’t follow Serie A, the chances are that today you discovered a player you had never heard of before – Alessandro Florenzi. I make that generalisation based on the fact that I don’t think even the BT Sports commentators had heard of him! One of them described the 24 year old as a run of the mill right back who is yet to be capped by Italy – he’s been capped nine times by Italy and he’s actually an attacking midfielder by trade. I guess we shouldn’t judge the poor man too harshly. When someone scores a goal like that it would be a bit embarrassing to admit you have no idea who he is so you might as well make something up – you might fluke part of it right! Or not…

Of course, I have been an admirer of Florenzi’s for a long time. If you follow me on Twitter while Roma is playing you may have seen me tweet something incomprehensible that includes the word FLOOOOORRRREEEENNNNNZZZIIIIIII, or similar, which when I do it probably means he has done something spectacular – as he has always been prone to doing.

Why do I love him so much? Well I’m glad you asked! (You probably didn’t but when has that ever stopped me in the past?)

1. His skill

The first thing you have to say is the kid can play. But I don’t have to tell you, right? You’ve seen it for yourself…

2. His hair

Isn’t it luscious? Admittedly when you have very little hair like me, all hair looks luxurious, but just look at those gorgeous locks!

Embed from Getty Images

3. His goofiness

He is without doubt the funniest looking player we’ve had since another one of my all-time favourites – this guy:

Embed from Getty Images

4. His Italianisms

There aren’t many Italians in the Roma squad these days so it’s great to have one who is such a star on the rise, and one whose hand gestures leave you in no doubt whatsoever where he’s from!

Embed from Getty Images

5. His Romanness

He’s a Roman through and through. A youth product of the club, he was given his debut in August 2012 by Zdeněk Zeman – the same man who, during a previous stint with the club, is credited with discovering another young fella by the name of Francesco Totti.

Embed from Getty Images

6. His nonna

He loves his nonna. How can you not love a player who celebrates a goal by doing this?

7. His loyalty

Unlike other players who shall remain nameless, Ale gives every indication he won’t be off at the first sign of an offer from a big $ club, he’ll be a one club man like Totti and De Rossi before him. A future capitano for sure!

Embed from Getty Images

8. His work ethic

He comes from a long tradition of Roma players who will play anywhere they are told without complaint. He’s already played in numerous positions all over the park. He also sets very high standards of both himself and the team, leaving fans under no illusions that he enjoys losing…

Embed from Getty Images

9. His diplomacy

When there’s trouble on the curva, who you gonna call?

Embed from Getty Images

10. His passion

On a good day, he’s certainly not one to keep his emotions in check! He loves this team and he would do anything to see it succeed.

Embed from Getty Images

So that’s Alessandro Florenzi  – scorer of golazos, hugger of nonnas, man of my dreams. Any questions? No? Excellent.


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