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No Totti, no selfie!


If you are desperately unlucky enough to [still] follow me on Twitter, you’ll know only too well that I was rather enamoured with a certain selfie that happened yesterday morning!

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, and you haven’t caught up with the social media phenomenon, I am referring to Roma’s eternal one-club man Francesco Totti scoring the equalising goal in the Derby della Capitale vs Lazio, after which he ran up to the Curva Sud (where the Roma Ultras stand), grabbed an iPhone and took a selfie.

As far as I am aware this is the first time anyone has celebrated a goal this way. The nearest thing to it that I have seen was when this happened in 2004…


Which shows that while technology may change, Totti never will!

Of course, the internet has kicked into gear over the past 40 hours or so, and there are already more memes than you can shake a selfie stick at. But why should that stop me? It certainly hasn’t in the past.

So without any further ado, there follows a few attempts by me at the genre.

My first couple of efforts are a response to the post derby comments of Lazio President Claudio Lo[L]tito. I actually don’t entirely disagree with him on Roma’s scudetto chances this year, but his comments on the selfie really smack of sour grapes. Here’s Totti reminding him that he should maybe focus on his own problems. Lazio’s Curva Nord – the banner roughly translates as “LOTITO OUT!”

Lotito Vattene

All this is very out of character for dear old Claudio, he seemed like such a fan of Francesco (Francis) not so long ago…

Papa Francesco

There’s only one person in the world who can get away with taking a selfie at a funeral, and it’s neither Barack Obama, David Cameron, nor Danish statsminister Helle Thorning-Schmidt!


Hey Mario, how many letters have you delivered in Serie A?

Letter Delivered

After quietly taking photos from the south-western corner for most of the game, Er Pupone (the big baby – so named for his thumb sucking goal celebration) couldn’t resist coming out of hiding during Sunday’s Kiwitea Street brawl!


“Look mamma, these weirdos are celebrating because they beat Argentina at rugby! Roflcopters!”


And finally, after scoring two goals in a Derby della Capitale at 38 years of age, the only question remaining is – what can’t he do?

Space Totti

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