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Phoenix Prognosis: Statistical Update (Week 11)

phoenix prognosis

A week after dominating the Central Coast Mariners yet only managing to snare a draw, the Phoenix needed some moments of Nathan Burns magic, coupled with some weak Sydney defending, to grab a 2-0 win, keeping them entrenched in the top six of the ladder.

Although it was a top result, I’ll be honest when saying that nothing much caught my eye from the game, aside from the top performance of Louis Fenton, and the down games from Roly Bonevacia and Michael McGlinchey. As such, I didn’t want to dwell (or more to the point, write about) a game which had me yawning for the majority of the encounter, so I figured it was a good a time as ever to catch up on my avalanche of Phoenix statistics for the season.

If you missed it earlier in the year, I debuted this particular idea to have some season-long Phoenix stats available to fans, and so I could form educated, stats-based opinions based upon what the results showed.

There’s been some notable changes in the five weeks since I last took a look, and I’ve added some minutes qualifiers to some of the larger stats so we can get a better feel of who has been producing on a per-minute basis.



1st: Ben Sigmund 73

2nd: Andrew Durante 68

3rd: Manny Muscat 30

4th: Tom Doyle 21

5th: Albert Riera 19

6th: Louis Fenton 14

7th: Vince Lia 7

8th: Alejandro Gorrin 7

9th: Josh Brindell-South 5

10th: Kenny Cunningham 4

11th: Roly Bonevacia 3

12th: Roy Krishna 2

13th: Nathan Burns 1

14th: Michael McGlinchey 1


1st: Albert Riera 45

2nd: Manny Muscat 42

3rd: Ben Sigmund 33

4th: Alejandro Gorrin 27

5th: Andrew Durante 24

6th: Roly Bonevacia 17

7th: Louis Fenton 15

8th: Tom Doyle 11

9th: Vince Lia 10

10th: Josh Brindell-South 8

11th: Michael McGlinchey 3

12th: Nathan Burns 2

13th: Roy Krishna 2

14th: Kenny Cunningham 2

15th: Michael Boxall 1

16th: Jeremy Brockie 1

Touches Per 90 Minutes:

(Minimum of 90 minutes played required)

1st: Louis Fenton 76.29

2nd: Alejandro Gorrin 75.85

3rd: Manny Muscat 73.6

4th: Albert Riera 70.92

5th: Tom Doyle 70.26

6th: Vince Lia 67.05

7th: Roly Bonevacia 65.65

8th: Michael McGlinchey 62.88

9th: Kenny Cunningham 62.5

10th: Nathan Burns 53.96

11th: Andrew Durante 51.27

12th: Ben Sigmund 50.18

13th: Josh Brindell-South 50.0

14th: Roy Krishna 34.13

15th: Jeremy Brockie 32.51

16th: Glen Moss 29.27

Crossing Accuracy:

1st: Michael McGlinchey 22/59 (37.3%)

2nd: Alejandro Gorrin 2/9 (22.2%)

3rd: Nathan Burns 6/45 (13.3%)

4th: Roly Bonevacia 1/8 (12.5%)

5th: Roy Krishna 0/11

6th: Jeremy Brockie 0/7

7th: Kenny Cunningham 0/2

8th: Vince Lia 0/1

9th: Tyler Boyd 0/1

10th: Louis Fenton 0/1

Shot Assists:

1st: Michael McGlinchey 24

2nd: Nathan Burns 16

3rd: Alejandro Gorrin 8

4th: Roly Bonevacia 8

5th: Roy Krishna 8

6th: Albert Riera 6

7th: Jeremy Brockie 6

8th: Vince Lia 5

9th: Louis Fenton 1


1st: Nathan Burns 33

2nd: Roly Bonevacia 22

3rd: Michael McGlinchey 19

4th: Roy Krishna 12

5th: Jeremy Brockie 10

6th: Andrew Durante 6

7th: Ben Sigmund 6

8th: Louis Fenton 5

9th: Alejandro Gorrin 4

10th: Vince Lia 2

11th: Manny Muscat 1

12th: Michael Boxall 1

13th: Tom Doyle 1

Fouls Won:

1st: Roly Bonevacia 20 (1.8 per 90 minutes)

2nd: Nathan Burns 17

3rd: Michael McGlinchey 12

4th: Vince Lia 11 (2.4 per 90 minutes – Vince is the GOAT of being fouled)

5th: Albert Riera 11

6th: Ben Sigmund 11

7th: Manny Muscat 10

8th: Roy Krishna 8

9th: Louis Fenton 7

10th: Jeremy Brockie 6

11th: Andrew Durante 6

12th: Alejandro Gorrin 6

13th: Tom Doyle 6

14th: Michael Boxall 2

15th: Alex Rufer 1

16th: Kenny Cunningham 1

17th: Tyler Boyd 1

Completed Passes Per 90 Minutes:

1st: Alejandro Gorrin 50.91

2nd: Albert Riera 47.37

3rd: Vince Lia 45.6

4th: Roly Bonevacia 36.90

5th: Tom Doyle 36.41

6th: Manny Muscat 33.4

7th: Andrew Durante 32.82

8th: Louis Fenton 30.91

9th: Ben Sigmund 27.9

10th: Michael McGlinchey 30.99

11th: Nathan Burns 19.97

12th: Jeremy Brockie 14.32

13th: Roy Krishna 13.68

Passing Accuracy:

1st: Andrew Durante 89.1%

2nd: Albert Riera 88.1%

3rd: Alejandro Gorrin 86.9%

4th: Roly Bonevacia 84.4%

5th: Louis Fenton 83.8%

6th: Michael Boxall 83.3%

7th: Ben Sigmund 82.3%

8th: Manny Muscat 81.4%

9th: Josh Brindell-South 81.2%

10th: Vince Lia 80.5%

11th: Michael McGlinchey 78.2%

12th: Roy Krishna 76.6%

13th: Nathan Burns 74.8%

14th: Tom Doyle 72.2%

15th: Jeremy Brockie 71.1%

16th: Kenny Cunningham 70.8%


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