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Phoenix Prognosis: Week Six Statistical Update

phoenix prognosis

My good reader, today I bring good news and bad news.

The Phoenix Prognosis column is taking the off-road this week. We’re wildly veering off the highway and going down the bumpy dirtroad track that is a statistics-only post.

As tempting as it was to turn my troll mode up to 100 after the Adelaide game and try and hook some Phoenix fans in with contrarian opinions on how the Phoenix were totally outplayed and that, in fact, no – the ref isn’t biased – I thought six games into the season seems as good a time as any to check in on how the Phoenix players are faring statistically.

I went through all the games and calculated the tackles attempted, clearances, touches, interceptions, crossing percentage *takes deep breath*, fouls won, shots, shot assists, completed passes AND passing accuracy of every player to have made an appearance thus far for the Nix.

Some of these stats may be surprising, and they sure were fun to compile for your stat-obsessive writer. I’m thinking it’ll be good to check up on these every 4-6 weeks or so to see how particular players are tracking. Of course, if you have any requests in the meantime, just hit me up on Twitter or in the comments as I’ll be keeping track of these all season long.


Tackles Attempted:

1st: Albert Riera 23

2nd: Alejandro Gorrin 21

3rd: Roly Bonevacia 19

4th: Manny Muscat 18

5th: Ben Sigmund 13

6th: Andrew Durante 13

7th: Tom Doyle 11

8th: Louis Fenton 8

9th: Nathan Burns 8

10th: Vince Lia 7

11th: Roy Krishna 5

12th: Josh Brindell-South 5

13th: Jeremy Brockie 4

14th: Michael McGlinchey 4

15th: Matthew Ridenton 1

16th: Alex Rufer 1

17th: Kenny Cunningham 1


1st: Ben Sigmund 49

2nd: Andrew Durante 40

3rd: Manny Muscat 22

4th: Albert Riera 12

5th: Tom Doyle 8

6th: Louis Fenton 5

7th: Josh Brindell-South 5

8th: Vince Lia 4

9th: Kenny Cunningham 3

10th: Alejandro Gorrin 2

11th: Roly Bonevacia 1

12th: Roy Krishna 1

13th: Nathan Burns 1


1st: Manny Muscat 32

2nd: Ben Sigmund 26

3rd: Albert Riera 26

4th: Alejandro Gorrin 15

5th: Andrew Durante 14

6th: Vince Lia 10

7th: Roly Bonevacia 8

8th: Josh Brindell-South 8

9th: Louis Fenton 8

10th: Tom Doyle 5

11th: Michael McGlinchey 2

12th: Nathan Burns 2

13th: Roy Krishna 1

14th: Kenny Cunningham 1


1st: Manny Muscat 402

2nd: Albert Riera 366

3rd: Roly Bonevacia 360

4th: Nathan Burns 345

5th: Alejandro Gorrin 324

6th: Michael McGlinchey 271

7th: Ben Sigmund 260

8th: Andrew Durante 258

9th: Vince Lia 202

10th: Tom Doyle 172

11th: Glen Moss 167

12th: Louis Fenton 161

13th: Jeremy Brockie 99

14th: Josh Brindell-South 50

15th: Roy Krishna 45

16th: Kenny Cunningham 31

17th: Michael Boxall 12

18th: Alex Rufer 10

19th: Matthew Ridenton 8

Crossing Accuracy:

1st: Michael McGlinchey 15/32 (46.8%)

2nd: Alejandro Gorrin 2/8 (25%)

3rd: Roly Bonevacia 1/5 (20%)

4th: Nathan Burns 2/26 (7.7%)

5th: Jeremy Brockie 0/4

6th: Roy Krishna 0/3

7th: Kenny Cunningham 0/2

Shot Assists:

1st: Michael McGlinchey 15

2nd: Nathan Burns 8

3rd: Jeremy Brockie 5

4th: Alejandro Gorrin 5

5th: Vince Lia 4

6th: Roly Bonevacia 2

7th: Roy Krishna 2

8th: Albert Riera 1


1st: Nathan Burns 17

2nd: Jeremy Brockie 10

3rd: Roly Bonevacia 8

4th: Michael McGlinchey 8

5th: Andrew Durante 6

6th: Louis Fenton 4

7th: Ben Sigmund 3

8th: Vince Lia 2

9th: Alejandro Gorrin 1

10th: Manny Muscat 1

Fouls Won:

1st: Roly Bonevacia 11

2nd: Nathan Burns 10

3rd: Michael McGlinchey 8

4th: Vince Lia 7

5th: Jeremy Brockie 6

6th: Manny Muscat 5

7th: Louis Fenton 4

8th: Albert Riera 4

9th: Andrew Durante 3

10th: Alejandro Gorrin 3

11th: Ben Sigmund 3

12th: Roy Krishna 2

13rd: Alex Rufer 1

14th: Tom Doyle 1

15th: Michael Boxall 1

16th: Kenny Cunningham 1

Completed Passes:

1st: Albert Riera 229

2nd: Alejandro Gorrin 199

3rd: Roly Bonevacia 199

4th: Manny Muscat 174

5th: Andrew Durante 135

6th: Nathan Burns 120

7th: Michael McGlinchey 119

8th: Ben Sigmund 118

9th: Vince Lia 114

10th: Tom Doyle 63

11th: Louis Fenton 58

12th: Jeremy Brockie 42

13th: Josh Brindell-South 13

14th: Roy Krishna 12

15th: Kenny Cunningham 10

16th: Alex Rufer 6

17th: Michael Boxall 4

18th: Matthew Ridenton 2

Passing Accuracy:

1st: Andrew Durante 87.1%

2nd: Alex Rufer 85.7%

3rd: Albert Riera 83.9%

4th: Roly Bonevacia 83.9%

5th: Alejandro Gorrin 82.6%

6th: Louis Fenton 81.7%

7th: Josh Brindell-South 81.2%

8th: Manny Muscat 80.9%

9th: Michael Boxall 80%

10th: Ben Sigmund 78.1%

11th: Vince Lia 78.1%

12th: Michael McGlinchey 76.3%

13th: Tom Doyle 71.6%

14th: Nathan Burns 70.6%

15th: Jeremy Brockie 70%

16th: Kenny Cunningham 66.7%

17th: Roy Krishna 66.7%

18th: Matthew Ridenton 40%

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  1. very interesting – certainly paints a good picture for A-Rod who I think is getting a raw deal from some fans.

  2. Seriously Siggy, I thought Dura had one of his better games. Siggy keeps getting caught in posetion and panics. Brindle South had a good game but was at fault for the 1st goal I thought. As far as blaming the ref goes, sure he was harsh on us and the Adelaid team were diving but we were also our own worst enemy. We gave the ball away far to much in the last15 min, especially the young guys and that added to the pressure. Also getting the ball to Krishner was to slow and he found himself off side to often. We missed Mcglinchy but it goes to show our depth isn’t that good if Lia is being picked still, he is slow and passing is labboured infact there are 4 players I think should not be starting by the end of the year or next year, Brocky, Muscat, Lia and Siggy I am afraid, with Boxhall in the All Whites he needs to be playing more often. Thanks for the stats but I prefer opinions.

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