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When I started, the original idea was that it would eventually become a group blog. I wanted this to be a place where other New Zealand footballaholics could come and express themselves via the written word and/or read about the beautiful game from a New Zealand perspective. This was an integral part of the overall vision, which was to plug a gap that the now defunct New Zealand football magazines/fanzines used to fill.

I am therefore delighted to announce that starting this weekend, this will no longer be a one man band. Highly respected young journalist Niall Anderson is coming aboard! You may know Niall from his contributions to the Yellow Fever Forum as N-Bomb, his must-follow twitter account where he goes by the handle @NiallGunner, or the excellent basketball coverage he provides over at NZ Hoops.

Niall will be writing predominantly about the Wellington Phoenix, but he has also indicated that he may dip his oar in on other matters as well from time to time. Suffice to say with a man of his calibre he has free reign to write whatever he likes! I wait with interest, as I’m sure you will too, to read his views.

Thank you so much for coming on board, Niall! It’s gunna be great.

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Enzo Giordani

A grassroots sports photography enthusiast based in Auckland, New Zealand, and a fan of the most magnificent football club on earth - A.S. Roma.

2 replies

  1. Hi Enzo, you are free to use any of my posts when and if you want? Not in the same calibre of yours or Niall’s and a bit Blue -eyed but they are there if you want? no wirries either way. My editing is always a bit suspect as well, not being an editor but I try to to inject a slightly humourous slant on things. P.S suspect you will be at the cup final. Wish we were. Looking forward to your report!

    Kind regards,

    Rod- Wanderers

  2. Thanks Rod, I was loving it when you were posting your reports in the comments each week! Maybe next NRFL season we could set you up with your own log-in so you can post them as standalone posts? Will you be following WaiBOP United this summer?

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