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Tim or Errol? You decide

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Our nation’s esteemed national newspaper, the Granny Herald, is running a poll asking readers to decide whether or not the most popular game in the world should be afforded the dignity and respect of being referred to by its proper name – football.

So I thought it only right that I follow suit and treat the Horrid with the same esteem that it is treating the game I love.

I am therefore now asking you, my beloved readers, to settle a long running debate I have been having with myself.

For years I have been pondering this great question that strikes at the very heart of life, the universe and everything and, to be honest, I’ve never managed to come to a satisfactory conclusion. Should I call Herald Editor-in-chief Tim Murphy by his given name, Tim, or by the completely different name, Errol?

It’s far too deep for me, so I’m going to let you decide. Just click on either Tim or Errol in the poll.

I’ll tally the votes at midday on Wednesday, little more than seven years after New Zealand Football saw the light and changed its name to reflect what 200 other countries know to be true. Perhaps at around about the same time, the Herald will join the rest of us in the year 2014. I’m not holding my breath.

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