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There’s only one Hannah Reid?

Hannah Reid for Claudelands.

Hannah Reid

Did the little old local New Zealand football scene have an international recording artist in our midst last winter?

A few weeks ago I started noticing a growing anomaly in the blog stats. Over the space of the past couple of months, one photograph has attracted more page views than all but two other pages (the home page and last March’s ‘State of the Nation’) have managed in the past three years. The photo is nothing special really. I have taken hundreds of others just like it. It simply consists of one Claudelands Rovers player kicking a football at Galloway Park, Hamilton, in August last year – a player by the name of Hannah Reid.

This naturally got me curious so I did a google search and found that there is a Hannah Reid who along with her band, ‘London Grammar’, is currently in the process of taking the UK music scene by storm! And the resemblance is quite striking.

Embed from Getty Images

Are they the same person? Seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened…

(I could ask Claudelands directly of course, but this is more fun)

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