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Scarves on Statues – Arthur Lydiard

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Welcome to the first Scarves on Statues of 2014 – what a difference 6 months makes! It was all very melancholic when we left off, with Roma having had one of the more miserable seasons in my living memory. My parting words were a forlorn hope that when I pick this up again, some of the photos will have happy blurbs. Well, here we are, it’s 1 January and Roma are unbeaten with only seven goals conceded in 17 games. We don’t ask how, we just enjoy it while it lasts!

This guy might have some clues though. Arthur Lydiard is a kiwi icon known around the world as the inventor of jogging. He was the first athletics coach to use endurance running as a training method. Now there is no coach worth his or her salt in any sport anywhere in the world who does not use Lydiard’s methods in some way, shape or form.

This likeness is on the bank overlooking the running track at Auckland’s Mount Smart Stadium, a place where so many of his protégés prospered. He is depicted cruising along, wind in his scarf, without a care in the world. Much like most Roma tifosi so far this season! Long may it continue…


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