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The monthly kick around – December 2013


Comment, or this tiger will eat you.

Welcome to the last general debate thread of 2013 – speak now or forever* hold your peace! This is a space for you to engage in and debate any football topic that you would like to discuss in the comments section.

In November, we got a record 23 comments on the kick around! But that was mostly because of Mackay, and by the looks of things he’s had enough of you lot, so we’ll have to do it all ourselves this month.

There are still plenty of topics out there waiting to be debated.

The All Whites were humbled by Mexico, as predicted, and now the recriminations start. Ricki is the first casualty. Who should replace him?

And what about Ngaruawahia, confirmed promoted into the Northern Premier Division following an investigation into the ITC of Federico Marquez.

In England, Manchester United continue to struggle, and why aren’t we talking more about the Arsenal? They look like they are sleepwalking their way to the title as things stand right now. Where did that come from?

As for Italy, Roma followed up 10 straight wins with what looks like it could be 10 straight draws! At least we’re still unbeaten…

Tell us what you think about those things, or anything else you like. The floor is yours.

*When I say forever, of course I mean until the next post this week. Because you can comment on any of them really…

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Enzo Giordani

A grassroots sports photography enthusiast based in Auckland, New Zealand, and a fan of the most magnificent football club on earth - A.S. Roma.

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  1. Interesting that weekly Serie A highlights are now available to those with the platinum pass on PLP. Do you think there would be enough interest in New Zealand for live football from a league other than the Premier League?

  2. Good question. On one hand, anecdotally, there seems to be lots of interest in the Bundesliga on Sommet – people love something a bit different and German football is a great product. I can imagine PLP will be hoping Serie A can compete with that. On the other hand, also anecdotally, I am seriously worried that not enough people have subscribed to PLP for them to make much money from the EPL rights, let alone anything else. Although I understand they got the rights to Serie A for nothing or next to nothing. Either way, I am not planning to upgrade to premium until they start showing whole games. I can watch highlights on YouTube.

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