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Ten key learnings going forward

New Zealand 2, Mexico 4 (Mexico won 3-9 on aggregate)
Estadio Westpac, Wellington, November 20 2013

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Yesterday I learned ten things.

1. I learned that 35,000 people in a stadium who know their team is going to lose before a ball is even kicked can still have a good time and go down with dignity.

2. I learned that after the pain of South Africa 2010, I’m ready to cheer for the All Whites again.

3. I learned that Mexico is better at football right now than the world might think they are.

4. I learned that unless the new coach is recruited straight out of Hogwarts, New Zealand has more catching up to do than some of their fans think they do.

5. I learned that if you give Wellington one effing job, and one job only, such as making the weather as cold, wet and windy as possible to make our opponents miserable, they can’t even do that right.

6. I learned that a Mexican wave can be socially acceptable at a football game, but only if there are actual Mexicans present.

7. I learned that Mexicans are much more obsessed with Lord of the Rings than we are.

8. I learned that when a team losing 1-8 on aggregate scores from the penalty spot, it can still bring the house down.

9. I learned that there is no footballing loss so big that it can’t be made better by a plate of Conchiglia Carne at Raf de Gregorio’s Pizzeria Napoli afterwards.

10. I learned that football is the best sport on earth by a margin so wide that the sheer vastness of it rivals even the eternal emptiness between Paolo Di Canio’s ears.

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Enzo Giordani

A grassroots sports photography enthusiast based in Auckland, New Zealand, and a fan of the most magnificent football club on earth - A.S. Roma.

8 replies

    1. But Papakura and TCU might protest !

      I was told that straight after the Melbourne Cup the siren sounded “hold all tickets”.

      The above two both protested lol !

  1. Mackayi – are you infact Dave Cook – or can you actually post something on here without either defendinfg him and Fury or taking a pot shot at Kura (disguised as a joke).

    Just as a neutural with no affliation to either club I find you are right on the edge of stirring rather than informative.

  2. If Raf de G’s conchiglia carne is half as good as his All Whites goal against Colombia in Lyon at the 2005 Confed Cup, then I’m having one next time I’m in Welly for sure!

    1. I’m excruciatingly fussy when it comes to Italian food, because I generally know what it’s supposed to taste like, but he does an excellent job across the board. He’s also always keen to stop for a few minutes to talk football and the finer points of why his beloved Napoli is inferior to Roma in every way! A must for football trips. Also be sure to ask if they have his nonna’s white chocolate and limoncello tiramisu on the menu! It’s not always available but when it is it’s probably the best tiramisu I’ve eaten anywhere in the world.

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