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The monthly kick around – November 2013

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Welcome to the November general debate thread – a space for you to engage in and debate any football topic that you would like to discuss in the comments section.

We didn’t get a lot of comments on the October edition! Ok, so there were none… But we have had a little bit of debate before that in these threads and a little later on in October, we had a 40 comment thread about AFC Fury which was more than double the highest comment count of any thread before it. So I’m going to call that a success and keep persevering with these for now.

There’s heaps to talk about. The All Whites have their World Cup qualification play-off starting next week against Mexico, and will have to do it without Winston Reid. Can they still win? Manchester United are still struggling under David Moyes. Will he be sacked? Roma’s winning run is over. How will they react? And how good is it having Bundesliga on Sommet?? I know I’m loving it. There will be substantive posts on that soon, but in the meantime, tell us what you think about that or anything else you like. The floor is yours.

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Enzo Giordani

A grassroots sports photography enthusiast based in Auckland, New Zealand, and a fan of the most magnificent football club on earth - A.S. Roma.

23 replies

    1. Always ! Believe me.

      There are no negatives in Mr Cook’s world !

      He always finds the positive in everything and anything.

      He says that there can be no greatness unless one has known adversity !

  1. Im baffled with Ricki Herbert’s decision to take 2 unattached players as part of the squad. I’d like to know how match fit Christie and Lochhead are, because as an All White fan I would prefer matchfit players and ones that have had recent club involvement.
    Being a Melville United man, I’m pissed that Aaron Scott was overlooked yet again. Scott was on the bench in Wellington back in 2009 and then became the only player dropped when it had been intimated that all the players in that squad would go to FIFA WC 2010 in South Africa.
    Scott then gets asked last minute, to do Herbert a favour and play the WCQ up in Honiara v Solomons back in Feb. He then gets hauled into New Zealand A v Wellington Phoenix in Rotorua, this on top of a good Chatham Cup semi final run with Melville and being named WaiBop United captain for the upcoming ASB Premiership.
    Aaron exhibits great leadership qualities so he would have added to the leadership within of the group.
    But to be treated as a bloody doormat shows no respect to Aaron Scott at all.
    That’s my thoughts. There are also any number of players mentioned by others via Twitter etc that would also have been a wise selection compared to bringing in unattached players. We are better than this, so I’d be interested to hear other thoughts on this. We’ve moved on from bringing unattached players into the national team. That is stuff we did a decade ago. Not in 2013 I’m afraid.

    1. Christie is defo not up to it and Lochead has only ever got in because he is a leftie and given Herbert no problems on and off the field.

      You are right to be baffled Grant.

      I think Ricki is getting close to his use by date anyway. That’s the way it goes.

      Few ever get out at the “right time”. It’s not easy !

  2. As a loyal Hamiltonian at heart, it would have been great to see Aaron Scott there. The defence is a real worry. Not a lot of experience apart from Vicelich, who I like as a player but with all due respect he’s 37… We aren’t going to get anywhere in this tie if we can’t go to Mexico City and at least keep them to one goal at the very worst… I hope I’m wrong but this is looking rather daunting right now. I fear we may get torn to shreds…

    1. There’s always a silver lining .

      Herbert loses heavily in Mexico.

      Cook (already lined up) is installed .

      All of NZ responds to to his rallying cry and the boys respond with a famous come back win !

        1. Im with you Grant am a massive fan of Aaron and to be shafted around like he has been by Herbert and then for Herbert to select two unattached players like Lochhead and Christie who must have some incriminating photos involving Herbert to be selected is totally unaccepted and now with Winston out Herbert will probably start Lochhead and if he does we’re screwed. Right thats my rant over.

        2. di Canio is not passionate enough not a mad enough character to replace Cookie.

          I’m sure the big man will have it sorted.

  3. Surely, irrespective of results, this has to be Ricki’s last campaign as All Whites coach. We’ve become tired, boring and predictable and I’m sick of it.

    So whether this WC campaign ends on Nov 20, or July 2014, I personally think it should be the end of the Herbert era.

    Who to replace him? I don’t know, but I’m inclined to think Emblem deserves a shot, although as a outsider, perhaps Graham Arnold from the Mariners. Very successful with a great brand of football featuring some good young players. He’d be my pick

  4. Arnold is a good shout.

    Plus he has been overlooked for the Socceroos so he would have a point to prove.

  5. Enzo. Send me an email and I will share something interesting with you. Something helpful to all people involved with NZ football including NZF.

    1. Hey. Not sure if this is a double post.

      Trust me I know this stuff inside out.

      Any protest has to be within 72 hours of a particular game and that has not occurred in this case.

      Take the Papakura protest re Fury. They only protested the second game and they lost both.

      There is no proof as yet that this Fernando guy is subject to an ITC anyway. He may never have played FIFA affiliated football overseas.

      1. the 72 hour rule is designed around an incident in a particular game and like you say is around a protest – in this case if someone simply points out to AFF that an ITC hasn’t taken place and like you say he may not have needed one – but if he has then AFF are compelled to deal with it.

        1. No. AFF can only work with the regs they cannot make up regs as they go.

          A club had to complain about a specific circumstance within 72 hours.

        2. The regulations are New Zealand football regulations and AFF have to abide by them the same as anybody else

    1. They will always be underpinned by NZF regs so they wont go away from the regs as they are written because they know a club can appeal to NZF.

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