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The ride of a lifetime

[This piece was originally published over at Roma Journal, an international fan site that picks up all my AS Roma related ramblings]


For ten long years, life is dark and bleak with little to celebrate and much to bemoan, yo-yoing between sort of not really contending, the odd foray into Europe here and there, and stark, desperate emptiness.


The first win happens – Phew.

The second win happens – LOL ha ha ha.

The third win happens – Wow! This is new. Heh.

The fourth win happens – FLUKE! LOL.

The fifth win happens – Wait, what?

The sixth win happens – This can only mean one thing. It’s a sign of the apocalypse. THE END IS NIGH!!

The seventh win happens – Are we scudetto contenders? *ducks sharp flying object careering towards Enzo’s head* That would be a no then…

The eighth win happens – You can keep winning if you want. Or not. I ain’t bovvered. Am I bovvered? Do I look bovvered? I ain’t bovvered…

The ninth win happens – *sharp intake of breath* WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY FOOTBALL TEAM???

The tenth win happens – Maybe this is really happening…

Or is it?

“Roma never starts well, it will take them a few games to get into the season and start showing their potential.”


“Haven’t been tested yet, wait until they play someone big.”

Play someone big – check.

“They’ve just been lucky so far. You wait, the goals conceded will mount up soon and it’ll be back to the old Roma we all know and love!”

I’m still waiting… starting to consider the possibility that a witch doctor has placed some sort of voodoo on the Roma goal. If you want to score against us, you can in theory, but you’d better throw yourself into the net with the ball.

“Wait until Totti gets, injured – no Totti, no party!”

Yeah, well that happened. No Totti? No problem!

“The pressure will mount up and they won’t be able to handle it.”

Really? They look more and more confident and relaxed to me with every passing game…

“Yeah, but they’ve always gone ok against the big teams, wait until they play one of those minnows they always slip up to.”

BUZZZZZZZZZ – WRONG!! We just beat the Flying Donkeys. Next?

“Now the yellow cards are mounting up, wait and see how they go with a few critical suspensions…”

Well, I suppose you might be right, but we’ve cleared every hurdle so far… But still, discretion is the better part of valour, let’s see how we go away at Torino next week without Leandro Castan in the centre of defence…. Then can we party?

“No, then there will be something else we haven’t thought of yet.”

Of course there will…


We are one win away from this being the longest winning streak, starting at the commencement of a season, in European club football history. This once in a lifetime ride will end at some point. Of course it will. It might end tomorrow, or it might not end until 2030, but one day, probably sooner rather than later, it will end. So we owe it to ourselves to enjoy it while it lasts.

Therefore, am I a pretty insufferable human being to be within a 5 kilometre radius of right now? You bet your ass I am.

But you ain’t seen nuthin yet. Wait until you see what happens if this keeps going!!!

By the way, this is what Roma winning the league looks like, just on the off chance you’ve forgotten:

Because I think, if nothing else, over these past ten weeks we have at least earned the right to dream.


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