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Nicked from the Football Ferns Facebook page. Hopefully nobody minds...

Nicked from the Football Ferns Facebook page. Hopefully nobody minds…

It’s long past time for me to post briefly to congratulate the Football Ferns, so much so that their exploits are now kind of old news and this is a bit beyond belated. But better late than never I always say!

One of the problems is that I have been slightly torn on what to congratulate them for first…

Should it be their win over Brazil – the first ever victory by New Zealand over Brazil in any international regardless of gender? Or their lifting of the Valais Cup? A wonderful piece of silverware to find its way into the New Zealand Football trophy cabinet. Or last but by no means least – the head and shoulders best thing I have ever seen on the internet in my life???

I suspect the three things are actually related. Sure, they’re playing awesome football. But what I think this video highlights is what an incredibly cool team spirit and atmosphere they have going on inside the camp, and this can only be helping their ability to execute the plan in the big games. Plus, there is some excellent creativity on show here, and that’s a trait you can never have too much of in the beautiful game.

The song choice is a little ironic. The team has shown, not just in their last couple of games, but over the past couple of years actually, that they are in football terms absolutely royals.

I am really looking forward to them coming back to New Zealand for hopefully some home fixtures for me to cover in the not too distant!

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