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Scarves on Statues – Horus and Ra

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These chaps have led an interesting existence. I was living nearby when they were first installed at one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets, the excellent Hamilton Gardens. I’ll never forget the hullabaloo.

Pagan gods worshipped in ancient Egypt, Horus (god of the sky) and Ra (god of the sun), attracted a lot of controversy at the time, mainly from the local Christian community. They were denounced, picketed and had their noses smashed off by vandals.

But it wasn’t all bad. They also found themselves worshiped by amongst others the local branch of the McGilicuddy Serious Party. During festivals held at the gardens, walking past them you would often find sacrificial offerings laid at their feet – usually in the form of burnt chips and unwanted alfalfa sprouts from people’s filled rolls. It’s not clear if the gods looked favourably on such gestures.

I certainly wasn’t taking any such risks on this occasion. Far from it. Instead I honoured them in the best way I know how.


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