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Scarves on Statues – Security guard

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Most statues that exist in the world commemorate ‘special’ people. Sportspeople who have excelled at their sport. Politicians who have been very popular with the people they represent. Monarchs who have been loved by their subjects. Explorers who have gone where nobody has gone before them.

But it’s a sportsperson’s job to be good at their sport, a politician’s job to get lots of votes, a monarch’s job to reign gloriously and an explorer’s job to explore. Excellence is not limited to these professions. Where are the statues to ordinary people who do extraordinarily well in their jobs? Why shouldn’t a plumber get a statue erected in his honour when he does a particularly fine job of unblocking a sink? Or a cleaner on nightshift who gets into all the tricky corners and leaves a building spotless?

Well this statue is for all of us nobodies. Situated at the University of Auckland and created by famous New Zealand sculptor, Michael Parekowhai, it depicts a humble security guard, Parekowhai’s brother in fact, diligently doing his duty – scaring the living bejeezes out of anyone who is not expecting to happen across him.

He looks so angry that anyone would think he’s just found out his football team has only won once since Christmas and is out of contention for the 2013/14 Champions League…

Security Guard

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