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It has now been three days since my beloved Italy’s 4-0 loss in the Euro 2012 final and while it still hurts like hell, I’m ready to put it into a little bit of perspective. This team achieved remarkable things. They were written off by absolutely everyone, not rated a high chance to progress from their group and considered easybeats by their quarter and semi final opponents. They proved everyone wrong and were particularly magnificent in the opening match against Spain and the semi final against Germany.

While I am bitterly disappointed, this is not the most crushed I’ve ever been after a World Cup or Euro exit. In the devastation and misery stakes, this doesn’t even make the top five.

What does make the top five? I’m glad you asked.

5. World Cup 2002 and the most corrupt refereeing in football history:

4. Euro 2004 – A 2-2 draw between Sweden and Denmark saw them both through to the quarter finals at Italy’s expense. At the final whistle as both teams passed the ball gently to one another, fans unfurled a banner that said “CIAO ITALIA”:

3. World Cup 2010 – A 1-1 draw with New Zealand. The height of embarrassment:

2. Euro 2000 – Italy led deep in second half injury time. The ref let the game continue long past any accounting for injuries. The French equalised then finished us off with a Golden Goal in extra time…

1. World Cup 1994 – Speaks for itself. Sob…

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  1. Enzo, we knew Italy were in trouble by halftime whereas when the game is decided by penalties, it’s a lottery.

    1. Penalties are an awful way to lose but a great way to win. I prefer them to all the other alternatives. I dislike Golden Goal the most. The way we lost the Euro 2000 final was just so cruel.

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