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Scarves on Statues – Moses

[After doing one of these as a bit of a joke back in January, I got such a childish kick out of it that I felt compelled to do it a couple more times. Now I have a strong urge to turn it into a series. Perhaps it’s a passing phase. Perhaps it will develop into an obsession that will lead to my eventual arrest for attempting to scale the Statue of Liberty. But in the meantime, I’ve set up a dedicated page where you can find all previous instalments in one handy location.]

This one is special because the original Michelangelo’s Moses is one of my favourite sculptures. It stands in Rome, in the church of San Pietro in Vincoli and the reason I like it so much is because Moses is depicted with a scar on his knee. Why is it there? Was there some artistic reason? No. It is there because Michelangelo got frustrated with how difficult the job was and hurled his chisel at it. Which just goes to show a couple of things. Firstly that even geniuses have off days. And secondly, just because something has been created by a genius, doesn’t mean he found it easy. There are lessons in this for fans who are frustrated observers of Luis Enrique and Roma’s current rebuilding project I think… But that does NOT mean it’s ok to throw chisels at Bojan! This copy stands, well, sits actually, in Meyers Park in the Auckland CBD.


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