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Forrest Hill Milford 1, Bay Olympic 6
Becroft Park, Auckland, September 3 2011

Yesterday I decided that given this is the last weekend of the New Zealand winter football season, I should probably get my butt off to a game. After all, it will be a month or two before the NZFC (summer league) starts and there will be more live football to watch. No, I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic. But before you judge me too harshly, I can assure you the players involved in this particular fixture seemed even less inspired than I was by their afternoon’s work. There was almost nothing to play for, and it showed. The home side, Forrest Hill Milford, were already confirmed relegated while Bay Olympic were crowned champions with three games to spare. The only thing at stake was the golden boot. Bay Olympic’s number 10, Colin Gardyne started the day on 9 goals – three behind Melville’s Mike Thompson.  He ended it as the league’s highest goal scorer, having bagged 4 in his side’s 1-6 defeat of the Swans.

Forrest Hill’s home ground, Becroft Park on Auckland’s North Shore, is a fairly typical Auckland club ground on three sides – quite attractive suburban surroundings. What sets it somewhat apart is the motorway overpass running along the Western boundary. This actually adds a sort of industrial atmosphere that I quite like.

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Despite this being a dead rubber, the only truly disappointing thing about the game was there were no dogs on the sideline. Unsatisfactory because whenever I include a photo of a canine spectator in these posts, it tends to attract more page views than all the others combined…

But back to the point, congratulations to Bay Olympic on a wonderful season. As for Forrest Hill Milford, I hope they rebound in 2012. Going to some Division 1 games next season is definitely on my to-do list so with any luck I’ll have the privilege of seeing them on the way back up. But I will be sure to phone ahead next time. Perhaps with some advance warning they might find it possible to organise the presence of at least one pooch? That’d be super.


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